Combined with deep technology and industry experience, 9Points brings a depth of capability invaluable to both health providers and vendor communities.

With senior executive experience working in Australian and New Zealand healthcare sectors as well as in the private sector, 9Points brings the unique blend of healthcare expertise, commercial and business acumen. This means we can help commercial organisations grow and adapt to meet the ever-changing demands of the sector. For healthcare providers our deep understanding of industry, managerial experience help drive efficiency and effectiveness of not only internal teams but external industry partners.

Whether it is executive managerial support your need, or help with organisational efficiency, business growth, industry strategy, 9Points is here to support your success.

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Our Promise

If we aren’t adding value… then we do not charge. If you’re not completely satisfied with our service… then we don’t charge.

In fact we don’t charge for advice as we don’t want companies to worry that they will get a bill every time they ask a question!

If it doesn’t cost us, it doesn’t cost you.